Karina’s Kitchen: A spot for beautiful food

Karina Matalon
Karina Matalon has an eye for beautiful food. (Photo: Contributed)

Being a foodie doesn’t mean you only indulge. Karina Matalon, the founder of Karina’s Kitchen, wears many hats in the food department; she is a food stylist, food photographer and a recipe developer.

Matalon explained that her business was born because she wanted to share her beautiful dishes with others.

Food styling at Karina's Kitchen
A bowl made from coconut makes this meal even more appealing.

“I’d always cook at home and take pictures of the food, and it looked great so I figured other people might want to see it too. That’s when I started the Instagram page,” Karina said.

And she said that the crispy clean photography skills displayed on her Instagram page (@KarinasKitchenja) and website (karinaskitchen.com) will only make people eager to try her food.

Food styling at Karina's Kitchen
Who could miss this plate of fried fish?

“We eat with our eyes first, and people like food that looks good. So, creating the right aesthetic, theme, and carefully thought-out photos for social media is key for engagement,” explained the 25-year-old.

While some people might only use social media for fun, Karina said that social media has opened many doors for her.  

“I now work with major companies, and I also do cooking videos and photography for clients,” she said.

Food styling at Karina's Kitchen
These skewers of shrimp are sure to grab one’s attention.

Having been in the food business for a little more than a year, Karina said that she is overwhelmed with the abundance of support, as she is constantly being asked when she will open a physical location. Although she is not sure when that will be, the bar is set high for the final-year Norman Manley Law School student. In the meantime, though, the public can keep an eye out for a cookbook and a YouTube channel demonstrating how things are done the Karina’s Kitchen way.

—Written by Shania Hanchard