Kedisha finds the ‘kure’ through hair business

Kedisha Mclaughlin is steadily building her brand in the United States.

The beauty industry in Jamaica is one that keeps on growing. Aware of this, Kedisha Mclaughlin, a seasoned hairstylist, decided to maximise her creative influences and build a lucrative hair company of her own. 

Kedisha was born and raised in Jamaica, but she currently resides in the United States where she has been making strides with her hair company called ‘Kure Kosmo and Kure Luxe Extensions’.

“When I migrated to the states, utilising social media helped me to re-build a clientele overseas and also retain some of my customers in Jamaica,” she explained.

Kedisha also promotes hair care.

Jill of all trades

Kedisha, who majored in marketing while at university, is putting her degree to good use via social media.

“I’ll organise the flow of the shoot prior. I usually associate the theme of the ad based on holidays, seasons, personal/public celebrations or current affairs,” she said.

“Social media marketing became evident to me specifically in 2017. In that year my clientele grew rapidly due to my activity on Instagram.”

Wigs in all styles and length can be found at Kure Kosmo

Not only is she the social media manager for her online pages, Kedisha is also a jill of all trades.

“I am the customer service representative, the marketing department, the website editor, the photographer, the wig maker, the shipping department, the delivery personnel and I also edit my own ads,” she said.

Support from Jamaicans

Jamaica’s hair industry is already saturated with talented and fully skilled hairstylists. So why are wig lovers willingly purchasing from an overseas outlet?

The growth oil is a big seller.

According to Kedisha, authenticity is definitely what sets Kure Kosmo and Kure Luxe Extensions apart from the rest.

“I’m proud to say that, yes I do have the support of many in Jamaica, and I believe most customers are attracted to support my business because of my transparency,” she said.

Advocate for hair care

Although she is a seasoned wig maker, Kedisha is also an advocate for hair care and hair growth. The mother of two created her own hair growth supplement called ‘Kuroil Hair Growth Formula’. The unisex hair growth formula is made with natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, vitamin e oil and jojoba oil. 

Kedisha gets lots of good reviews for her products.

“After much research on the essential oils that are vital for hair growth, I sourced a reputable manufacturer who could bring my vision to life,” Kedisha recalled.

“My first reveal after using the product received such an overwhelming response, it motivated me to be consistent with testing the oil and to fully invest in this product.”

The 30-year-old further explained that she is building a one-stop hair company, as she stocks raw and virgin hair extensions, custom wigs, ponytails, clip-ins, hair growth oil and satin sleep caps (bonnets).

For more information about Kedisha’s business, check out her website,