Kehs Kenitra: Syncing style and functionality

The type of bag a woman carries tells you how she wants to show herself to the world. Whether she wants to appear edgy, stylish, casual, or all three, there’s something in Kehs Kenitra for her. This line of bags created by 24- year-old Khess Anderson was designed to sync your style with sophisticated functionality.

Kehs Kenitra’s bags sync style with functionality

“It’s a fusion of past and present designs, with my own personal style added to it. I pay close attention to stitch detailing and maintain a sharp clean finish both inside and outside of my bags. I try not to confine my brand into just one style so you find my pieces can go from chic to edgy to classy and more,” she told BUZZ.

Enterprising entrepreneur

Anderson has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She recalls working as a filing clerk for her dad at 13 years old, just so she could earn some money. At 17 years old, she created her own swimsuit line, Creole. And two years ago, she decided to make a business out of something she loved: handbags. “Making bags just sort of happened. I always had an interest in fashion but more so for clothing. I would make little bags for myself but never thought much of it and then one day, as if a light bulb went off, I just had the grand idea to start doing bags full time,” she said. 

‘I’d like my pieces to enhance any good feeling a person is experiencing’.

Khess Anderson was always a budding entrepreneur.

Each bag in the Kehs Kenitra collection is designed and stitched by Anderson. She uses both vegan and cowhide leather canvas, and line all her pieces with suede. She also use metal finishes to enhance the pieces for purpose, style and the overall finish of the bags. Her customers also have the option of customizing a Kehs Kenitra bag. 

There’s a bag for everyone in Kehs Kenitra’s collection.

Her ultimate aim is to provide quality pieces at affordable prices. “I’ve made the connection between quality and affordability with my pieces. You go to fast fashion retailers for affordable pieces and seasoned high end brands for quality pieces, at Kehs Kenitra you get both,” she said. 

A bag for everyone

Anderson told BUZZ that there’s a bag at Kehs Kenitra for everyone. “I try not to box myself into any one market. I definitely have more design options for the ladies but throughout all our designs there is a bag for everyone,” she said.

A Kehs Kenitra bag is an experience

“I’d like my pieces to enhance any good feeling a person is experiencing or can experience by accessorizing perfectly their outfits while fulfilling its purpose and function,” she said, adding that her bags can last up to three and a half years.

Her costs runs from low to high end, with bags costing $3,000 to $25,000. 

Kehs Kenitra bags are designed with you in mind

Anderson offers local and international deliveries for her pieces.