Kelly Clarkson says divorce was unexpected

A lot has happened in Kelly Clarkson’s year so far, and one of the most unexpected things has been divorcing her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Singer Kelly Clarkson

The singer filed for divorce in June after seven years of marriage.

As she premiered season two of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she opened up to her virtual audience, saying: “2020 has brought a lot of change also to my personal life. Definitely didn’t see anything coming that came.”

“Music has always been my outlet to help me get through difficult times.”

— Kelly Clarkson

“What I’m dealing with is hard because it involves more than just my heart. It involves a lot of little hearts. We have four kids. And divorce is never easy. And we’re both from divorced families so we know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts,” she added.

Kelly and her husband have two kids together, and he had two children from a previous relationship.

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She, however, said that she would be using writing as her coping tool.

“So I probably won’t speak about it too much, but you definitely will hear it musically probably, that’s how I became a songwriter,” Kelly said. “Music has always been my outlet to help me get through difficult times and this year, I’ve been listening to a lot of music and I’ve also been writing a lot of music as well.”