Kerry Katona has turned to religion after a ‘rocky’ year

Kerry Ketona (Photo: Instagram @KerryKetona7)

British singer and reality television star Kerry Ketona, whose ex-husband, George Kay, passed away earlier this year, has revealed she takes a Bible with her when she is on the road.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kerry – whose message featured a photo of her Bible and a notebook – told her followers: “Good morning you beautiful people well I’m away now on panto but bring a little bit of home with with me… my gratitude book and me Bible!

“I’m so grateful for so many different things even for my rocky road it’s led me to where I am today. learn from your past mistakes embrace and accept them and hold your hands up to them!

“It’s almost end of a year and in my family’s case as many of you it’s been a very tough year but again I’m grateful I’m happy and I’m extremely blessed I know they’re still going to be bumps on the road no family is perfect.”

“Life isn’t always easy but that’s what makes it fun the challenges ahead the new adventure we face we’ve got this people let’s do this s**t! (sic)”

Kerry, 39, previously banded George a “psychopath” and claimed she was “happy” he died whilst their five-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge was still young.

She said: “He was a psychopath.”

“To be honest, I’m happy he died when he did, when DJ is at this age because he was gonna die anyway and it saves her having to grow up witnessing all these episodes he would have had. You have to remember the hell he put us through.”

Kerry also revealed she feared that George – who died from an apparent overdose – would hurt their daughter.

She said: “If God gave me George back for one day and I had the choice to give him DJ for that one day, I’d say no. Knowing George, he’d take her with him.

“I’ll never doubt how much he loved her – he idolised her – but he was a psychopath.”