Kevin Downswell jumpstarts 2020 with launch of 2 new singles

Jamaican international gospel recording artiste, Kevin Downswell, brought a ray of sunshine to the hearts of his supporters on Friday (Jan 17), where he released two new singles for 2020.

Kevin Downswell started the new year with two new singles to inspire fans. (Photo: BUZZ)

The double single release was held at 23 Westminster Road, Kingston, Jamaica.

Despite not releasing any new music since last year July, fans and supporters of Minister Downswell were finally gifted to not just one, but two tuneful songs Carry Me and SUPER to my NATURAL.

After illuminating us with Lights in 2019, the artiste teased us with a brief insight on his fourth upcoming album, which he says will be an unheard-of musical symphony.

His upcoming album will represent a new sound and a refreshing sound for fans. (Photo: BUZZ)

“Tonight we dropped two big songs from the album. The album comes out June 20th on the same day we do Realignment. We are going to use that stage to launch my fourth studio project. It’s going to be an album Jamaica will never forget because we can just feel it, it’s like a gut feeling,” he shared with BUZZ.

Both songs exhibit a vulnerable and humble Kevin Downswell, audiovisually trailing what was an arduous journey for the artiste, which he successfully hurdled.

Fans were engaged in worship at Downswell’s singles release on Friday, January 17. (Photo: BUZZ)

For his double single release, Downswell says the tracks are a cry of the heart that will allow listeners to find hope and solace when the world appears with great uncertainty.

For SUPER to my NATURAL, he explained, “God became my super and he changed my life. Before God entered my life a mountain looked like a mountain, but when he got super and affixed himself to my life, it’s like that super raises you higher for you to see things that looked bigger than you.” he said.

“So, it’s about declaring that God is my supernatural; it’s a people song because it helps you through some moments and times when you feel things are bigger than you,” he added humbly.

The two songs offer a melodic contrast, in Carry Me, the song serves as a sticky note that constantly haunts our minds that God is sufficient, and he’ll be the light through the darkest tunnels.

Both tracks are now accessible on popular streaming platform YouTube and will become accessible on other digital streaming sites in the upcoming days.