Kevin Hart shares first photo of baby daughter

For the first time since she was born two weeks ago, American actor and comedian Kevin Hart has shared a photo of his daughter, Kaori Mai.

Kevin Hart shared this photo of Kaori Mai on Friday.

Kevin wife’s, Eniko, gave birth to the baby on September 29. And while she has shared a photo in which she was holding the newborn on October 5, the child’s face was not fully shown.

But on Friday, Kevin shared a sweet picture of the baby in a pink headband tied in a bow and heart print onesie.

“All I can do is smile,” Kevin said in the caption.

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko

Eniko also shared a picture of Kaori Mai on Friday, but this time she was being held by her nana, Andrea.

“Chileeee this is honey’s baby ok… She’s gonna kill me.. 😩🤣 #babyK,” she said in the caption.

Kaori Mai is Eniko’s second child with Kevin. They also have a two-year-old son, Kenzo.

Kevin has two other kids from a previous marriage. They are 15-year-old Heaven and 12-year-old Hendrix.