Keywee wants to ‘Tickle’ the world with new song

Entertainr Keywee believes his song, Tickle, will be a hit

Dancehall artiste Keywee is in an upbeat mood as he prepares to release a single called Tickle.

The song was produced by 7 Gate Enterprise Records and is scheduled to be released next week. Keywee believes that Tickle has the potential to be a huge hit.

“I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about this song. Everyone who has listened to it says it’s a hit. My team and I feel the same way too, and we’re putting a lot of promotion behind it to make sure that it becomes a big hit,” he said.

Keywee, whose real name Damian Morgan, is also working on several other projects for 7 Gate Enterprise. An EP is among the projects he will be focusing on as he tries to build his career.