Kim Kardashian West pays tribute to executed death row inmate

Kim Kardashian West says she was horrified to learn of Nate Woods’ execution.

Kim Kardashian West has sent her “heart and prayers” to the family of executed inmate Nathaniel Woods.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star – who has been working on criminal justice reform for some time now – was horrified to learn that the 44-year-old Alabama man convicted of shooting three police officers was killed after attempts to save him.

“Nate will die for a crime another man confessed to.”

— Kim Kardashian West

As he was being executed on Thursday, Kim tweeted: “Nate will die for a crime another man confessed to and says Nate had nothing to do with. My heart and prayers are with Nate and his family and all the advocates who worked tirelessly to save his life.”

Sentenced to death

The 39-year-old reality star later added: “RIP Nathaniel Woods.”

Woods was sentenced to death in June 2004 for the murder of police officers Carlos Owen, Harley Chisolm and Charles Bennett.

Nate Woods was executed on Thursday night despite attempts to save his life.

And, although it was his roommate Kerry Spencer who fired the gun, the prosecutors held him responsible as it was reportedly his idea.

Both were executed despite The Supreme Court offering a slight chance for a reprieve when Justice Clarence Thomas signed the execution order stating that it would be delayed “pending further order of the undersigned or of the Court.”

Tragic example

However, Governor Kay Ivey announced that she will not be handing a “reprieve in this case”.

Alongside a copy of the document, law student Kim – who has worked with prisoners on death row – wrote: “The court has lifted the temporary stay of execution for #NathanielWoods. The governor will NOT save his life. My heart and prayers are with Nate and his family. This is a tragic example of injustice in the system — in a few minutes Nate may die for a crime he did not commit. (sic)”

The letter read: “Governor Ivey has carefully reviewed the letter you submitted on behalf of Nathaniel Woods dated March 3, 2020, requesting a reprieve of death sentence. Governor Ivey does not presently intend to exercise her powers of commutation or reprieve in this case. (sic)”