Kimberly McCalla is building a fashion empire

At 23-years old, Kimberly McCalla already knows what she wants to achieve in her life.

The enigmatic creative told BUZZ that she intends to build a fashion empire, one where customers can get everything, from jewellery, clothing, to even styling services.

Kimberly McCalla, owner, GorMc

It’s a dream that McCalla has had for as long as she can remember, but she finally got to working on it in January 2018.

McCalla’s pieces are inspired by historical and contemporary trends

“Getting involved in entrepreneurship has always been a long-term goal for me while in college. However, I pushed myself to get started in December 2017 to January 2018. Mostly out of the need to finance my school projects and I knew then that this is what I should be doing, everything worked out perfectly.” she said.

GorMc is the name of her brand, under which her jewellery line-JussLikeAirCollection is a flagship collection.

Pieces from her jewellry line- JussLikeAirCollection

And with a fusion of historical and contemporary styles, McCalla is confident that there is something for everyone at GorMc.

“The inspiration for my fashion and jewellery designs is heavily dependent on historical and contemporary trends. I design power dressing for women, rather my own interpretation of what that means, where a woman can be powerful without compromising her femininity,” she said.

The powerful woman

McCalla said she works on GorMc fulltime, and is very encouraged by the response she has been receiving.

“The response towards my brand has been absolutely amazing. Key components clients highlight is the aesthetic and efficiency,” she said.

Each piece is handmade by McCalla

Her prices start at $2000.

Adding that she works from home in Spanish Town, St Catherine, and offers both local and international deliveries.