Kingston’s “Walk Of Fame”— Mayor poses suggestion to public

The Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams recently raised chatter on social media when he announced on Twitter the development of a ‘Walk of Fame’ in Jamaica’s cultural capital, Kingston. The Mayor also asked social media for their feedback which users were not short of.

One Twitter user responded, “Start with Jamaica’s national heroes and heroine, then you can start adding cultural icons and athletes as you go a long this would be great for locals and visitors.(sic)”

Ronnie Green also shared her insight on the development, “I love this! I would just not want it to feel like a knockoff, so I’d name it differently (e.g. Fame Lane) lol and not use stars, instead maybe use engraved bricks in a cobblestone-type walkway…(sic)”

Film Director and music expert JR Watkis shared his feedback with BUZZ on the initiative, “I don’t think it should be organized by the Mayor.

Film director and music expert JR Watkis

“However, there should be an independent ‘Walk Of Fame’ board set up by the Chamber Of Commerce and financed by a newly formed “Walk Of Fame Trust. The Trust with various committees would manage the way persons are chosen each year with the public playing an important role,” Watkis added.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame
The Hollywood Walk Of Fame is known globally for recognising major players across the entertainment industry.

He also noted that a ‘Walk of Fame’ would be a substantial way of honouring artists, sports figures, media personalities, filmmakers and other major players in Jamaica’s development.