Workplace kitchen etiquette 101

Gone are the days when ‘big brother’ or someone else was not watching.

Indeed, cameras are everywhere now, from traffic lights to inside our homes via nanny cams, as people are not as trusting of others to do the right things when no one is looking.

One place that does not usually have a camera but probably should is the office kitchen or kitchenette.

That place where things mysteriously disappear or are left differently from how they were placed.

Because you spend eight hours a day, 5 days a week in the office, it stands to reason that you will have to eat there. Taking quick bites at the desk isn’t always feasible. Plus, doctors say it is not good for your digestion.

So, most business places have a little kitchenette, even if it is super small, with just a sink for washing stuff up.

Now a lot goes on in that small room. It can be a good place to unwind, but gossiping heads the list of activities performed in there, even more than actual eating. When it comes to the kitchenette be prepared for just about anything.

First things first, when you place bottled water or juice in the fridge, you should probably mark the spot where the liquid reaches in the bottle beforehand. This is to ensure that no one sneaks and sips on what they did not provide.  It is easier to say this is a mistake with a bottle of supermarket brand water that is common. However, that does not ring true for someone’s personal juice container or bottle. Then you definitely know that someone enjoys your juice just as much as you do.

To prevent any unpleasant surprises always check the mouth or rim of bottles before you put it to your head to drink directly from it. One man got the shock of his life in an office years ago when he lifted the bottle to drink and saw lipstick all around the edge of the bottle. He never left another bottle in the refrigerator after that.

Another sign of tampering is usually with food ordered and stored in those styrofoam containers. You would think that with your name carefully written on the box, that would be enough of a deterrent to the food poachers or meal pirates. It is not. Those who eat early are usually safe, but those who have a hectic schedule and may remember to eat at 2:30 or 3 pm may be in for a rude awakening as their meal may be missing some side dishes or a piece of meat.

One may think that the caterers short-changed you, but this is not usually the case, as you can tell when someone was digging into a food box by the way the food is left afterwards.

If that is not crazy enough, there are even people who take it one step further and actually eat some of your leftovers, or in Jamaican parlance ‘nyam and lef’. This is beyond disturbing and a good enough reason for installing cameras because no one should be messing around with people’s food, especially if there is no Brooklax handy. 

Have you had any bad experiences in your work kitchenette?

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