Knowing your productive hours

We all have our body clocks and times of day that we are the most productive where we get into a good flow and churn out quality work in record time.

It is because of this, that the notion of a 9 to 5 does not appeal to or fit everyone because creativity cannot be caught or harnessed in a mould to make more automated workers who live to work on a set schedule. This is why as individuals we need to recognise what works best for us and how to harness it properly so that we can maximise our time as well as our money.

Have you ever spent a day at the office surrounded by chattering co-workers, office gossip, ringing telephones and meetings that actually lead to nothing more significant than your boss enjoying the sound of their own voice? If it frustrates you, then this is not your most productive time of day. Chances are you will get more done after hours when the office crowd disappears and peace and quiet reigns.

What this signifies is that your most productive hours exist in a relatively noise-free environment. Late-night going into early morning hours of 11 pm to about 3 am may work for you as there is no interruption and virtually no distraction to speak of.

Other people thrive in a chaotic office setting as they feed off of the energy around them and channel it successfully into their work, hence their productivity is tied to people being around which assists them in team-building and group cohesiveness.

They do not mind interruptions and participating in multiple conversations as they are able to do mental gymnastics and keep up without being flustered. These people are usually quick thinkers and good on their feet. In an emergency situation, they are great assets to have around as they can organise things in a crisis, making them indispensable on a daily basis. Furthermore, their people skills are naturally on point.

Whatever your work style or productive hours, everyone has something special to offer.

Then you have the loners, who no matter what, will not participate in a team-building exercise and cannot be dragged out to an after-work link up because they do not interface well with an audience. They can work at ad-hoc hours, both a 9 to 5 or early morning but they work best alone. They work hard, they just work hard by themselves.

Whatever your work style or productive hours, everyone has something special to offer. A quick personality test can give you some insight as to what works best for you and how to utilise your time wisely. The more you know the more you grow. 

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