Konshens tells Spice “come outta people life” when asked about marriage

Konshens’ relationship status with wife, Latoya Wright, was put under the microscope once more when he sat down with Spice for an interview on his career and relationship.

Konshens’ marriage status has taken centrestage in recent days after his wife, Latoya Wright, said she has been single for eight months.

Despite the businesswoman’s claim, Konshens has been doubling down on the fact that he is married.

The Turn Me On artiste repeated this when asked in the most recent episode of Magnum’s Spice It Up! hosted by dancehall act Spice.

Konshens told Spice that he is “married” but did not go into further details about his relationship status.

After much laughter and hesitation regarding the question, Spice blurted out “Yu in a relationship now or wah?”, saying fans wanted to know and dropped the question on her Instagram.

After an initial, “Leave me alone” Konshens added, “Listen, I am married” before laughingly saying “Come outta people life’.

In a recent Q&A on his Instagram Live, Konshens was asked about the status of his relationship with Wright, to which he said “REAL life no fairytales. Thanks for the love tho.”