Kranium says side chicks should get three hours on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the usual question stands, what about the mistresses?

Dancehall artiste Kranium

Dancehall artist Kranium is not about to neglect side chicks on the day of extra mush and gifts, and says men should allocate “three hours tops” to the other woman come Sunday.

“Yuh cya mek she feel like a nobody, she a keep yuh happy more than your girlfriend,” he said. “Yuh haffi be smart with the kind of gift you a give and it can’t be jewelry, I think it’s disrespectful… I feel like a nice perfume or something ‘fragrancy’, a whole set of something. Yuh buy her a spa day, tell har yuh have it but don’t gi har di day after cause yuh nuh waan di man f**k har up.”

Advice to men

He said men can never go wrong with money as a gift option too.

“Woman love money, that will never change. Mi run money pon woman. A side chick really tek all your problems away from weh yaa face each day go home, so if your side chick is not happy you cya happy. Mi nah tell yuh fi go min’ nuh woman but I personally believe that if she’s giving you all the attention and giving you all the happiness you want, it’s 100 per cent fair fi you fi mek sure this woman is steady mentally fi can reflect pon how she treats yuh and act around you.”

He also had some advice for all the side fellas when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

“You’re a nobody today, just mek sure don’t text har… A man fi be a man and just hold that.”

The We Can singer was speaking to Kenya’s DJ 4eign yesterday during an online interview about his Toxic EP. The five-track set debuted today and features his 2020 hit Gal Policy.