Krystal Tomlinson talks eliminating sugar from daily coffee routine

If you are a fitness junkie you know how important it is to keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

And if you have coffee with sugar, especially several cups a day, those teaspoons of sugar can really add up.

Popular influencer and fitness junkie, Krystal Tomlinson on Sunday (April 18) shared with her audience how she had managed to eliminate sugar from her coffee while improving the taste.

Tomlinson said that while she had eliminated adding sugar directly to her coffee, she still resorted to pairing her morning cup with fruit .

However, recently Tomlinson has managed to ditch the sugar all together by using her new secret weapon which she says flavours her coffee just perfectly.

What’s Tomlinson’s secret?

According to Tomlinson, she’s been using a few teaspoons of spiced vanilla to flavour her coffee which has eliminated the need to add sugar.

“I’ve learned to enjoy the taste of the coffee while eliminating the added sugar. Usually I have fruit with my coffee to get the natural sugar but recently I started adding this,” said Tomlinson who shared a photo of a mug of coffee next to Benjamin’s Spiced Vanilla.

“It’s a mix of flavours in one bottle (vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel). Just a tups to the cup and I have flavored coffee without all the sugar,” she added.

Tomlinson further noted that she’s also using the spiced vanilla product to flavour her daughter’s cornmeal porridge.