Krystal Tomlinson undaunted by ‘baby mama’ label

Krystal Tomlinson is undaunted by the ‘baby mama’ label (Photos: Instagram @KrystalTomlinson)

Krystal Tomlinson is no fool. She knows people often cast judgement on her relationship with dancehall artiste Beenie Man with whom she shares a child.

But rather than focus on the negative comments that proliferate in and out of cyber space, the ambitious politician chooses to narrow her vision on her political aspirations, the love that exists between her and Beenie Man, and the sometimes positive reactions that she receives.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man, Krystal Tomlinson and their one year-old daughter, Xiah

“Sometimes people see mi and seh ‘Beenie man baby mother’, and hug mi up, so its a good thing,” she told BUZZ in an exclusive interview.

She said the negative reactions often comes from the other side of the political line. “It’s just a tactic by the political opponent to try and dim the light,” she said.

“There’s too many things I’ve done in my life for anybody to think that I’m just one thing,”


She pointed out that she is more than just a mother to the couple’s one year-old daughter.

“Anybody who knows my name can either tell you that I’m the girl from Nyamings. Or they know me from Golden Springs, that I’m Bill’s daughter. They maybe know me from when I used to work at Digicel, or when I used to be a UWI [University of the West Indies],” she said.

‘I’m more than one thing,’ Krystal Tomlinson

“There’s too many things I’ve done in my life for anybody to think that I’m just one thing,” she added.

In fact, Tomlinson shared that Beenie Man’s cultural impact has helped her political career.

“I’m dating him, we live in the same house, we are raising a child together”

— Tomlinson

“Him being Beenie Man also gives me a positive push. And so people want that to be diluted in some way. So I shouldn’t talk about it if it makes you feel uncomfortable, I shouldn’t tell you that I’m dating Beenie man,” she said.

“I’m dating him, we live in the same house, we raising a child together. How is that a bad thing? How can you make me feel that having an honest man who is faithful and loyal to me is a bad thing?” she said.

Tomlinson said the criticism of their relationship often affect those in her family who are most vulnerable-his children. “In some ways it can be uncomfortable his children, or for my mother, who doesn’t want to see certain rudeness written online,” she said.