Kumar Fyah took a ‘Kulture Walk’ to make his album

Kumar Fyah digs deep while performing at Essence Reggae Festival earlier this month.

While working on his first solo album over the past year, Jamaican singer Kumar Fyah found himself in some pretty interesting places.

“I went to Indonesia, Bali, and some other weird places just trying to find inspiration to make this music, then it popped on me to name the album Kulture Walk,” Kumar told BUZZ.

“I love to share, and music is my life, I have no choice.”

— Kumar Fyah

The primarily self-produced album will be Kumar’s first since leaving the Raging Fyah band in 2018. The album is finished and hosts tracks including Remember Me, Before I Be A Slave and Trading Place, but the roots singer hasn’t decided on a release date.

“It’s my baby, and I know people are wondering ‘where is Kumar going?’…but it’s still Kumar and whatever you heard in the past, the lyrics, content and whole vibes, it’s still me. I’m just trying to improve myself,” he said.

No expectations

While he contributed to Raging Fyah’s 2016 Grammy-nominated album, Everlasting, Kumar has no expectations of his solo effort.

“Expectations lead to disappointment,” he said. “I love to share, and music is my life, I have no choice. Whether or not people want to listen, whether I have five fans or 15, what matters to me is being real to myself through the music… someone is going to like it.”

Kumar Fyah will open a juice bar in St Elizabeth soon.

The Kulture Walk album forms part of a three-part vision for Kumar, who kickstarted a concert series across the island of the same name for Reggae Month.

It also coincides with a juice bar he hopes to open in his hometown.

“Kulture Walk is a brand I’ve had in my head for a while,” he said. “I built a little juice bar in St Elizabeth. It’s not opened yet, but it’s something I wanted to do for a long time. I have a location in St Elizabeth that can hold 750 to 1,000 people outdoors, and it’s fenced so it’s secured. It’s all coming together slowly, so I’m not trying to rush any of it.”