Kushites Vegetable Cuisine: The finest J’can vegan cuisine, at the click of a button

Kushites Vegetable Cuisine providing delicious vegan dishes at the click of a button

Vegan restaurants and the vegan lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. But not many vegan chefs have thought to create a fully-fledged online service for customers throughout the pandemic.

For Kushites Vegetable Cuisine owners, Kush Lee-Creary, and partner Keisha McDonald, the decision was a natural one. According to the couple and business partners, this is due to their company thriving off innovation.

“We pride ourselves in being innovative. It was therefore only natural for us to explore the additional ways to serve our clientele,” McDonald told BUZZ. 

She pointed out that clients have a variety of needs that are not limited to the dining experience.

Keisha McDonald, co-owner of Kushites Vegetable Cuisine

“Many people want standardised or customised meal plans, detox programs, nutritional coaching, personal chef services, catering and cooking lessons to name a few,” she added.

According to the couple, the online platform allows them to expand into these other areas without the distraction of creating a daily menu for a sit-down restaurant. They have credited the move with “stimulating our creativity”. The decision has also led to the creation of additional products.

Although Kushites Vegetable Cuisine continues to diversify its products, customers can still expect organic, fresh vegan cuisine

Kushites Vegetable Cuisine’s products currently include local herbs and blends, a detox programme, catering services, nutrition coaching, and weight loss programs. Not to mention meals that are customer favourites such as their vegan cheesecake, spelt bread and soy-free tofu.

“We also offer in-depth cooking classes. These include a pre-recorded package that persons can download at any time at their convenience. However, we also offer live zoom classes which allow for a more interactive learning experience,” McDonald said.

And she shared that the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive.

“They say the reward for good work is more work. The response has been very encouraging and every day we get requests to make additional services available.”

“We are currently working on making our system more efficient and to fulfil the ever-growing needs of our online community,” she added.