Lack of sleep makes you eat more, study finds

If it’s not bad enough that you’re sleeping poorly, a study has found that because of this, you tend to eat more, and have a lower quality diet as well.

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The researchers from the Columbia University in New York, believe a lack of shut-eye either triggers hunger, or suppresses signals that tell the brain the stomach is full.

They tracked the sleep of 495 ethnically-diverse women, aged between 20 between 76.

The researchers found those who take a long time to fall asleep eat more calories every day. And those who wake up a lot throughout the night tend to eat fattier foods.

They concluded that this may explain the link between poor sleep and obesity and type 2 diabetes.

On the flip side of thing, they explained that it’s also possible that poor diet has a negative impact on women’s sleep quality.

‘Eating more could also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, for instance, making it harder to fall asleep or remain asleep.’

The authors also note insomnia can influence activity in the hippocampus region of the brain, which is involved in regulating food intake.