Ladies be careful you’re not dating a ‘hobo-sexual’

So fall is upon us and the evenings are getting longer, the nights a little colder and Christmas carols are already on rotation. As the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is approaching, single women tend to gravitate towards wanting relationships as chilly weather and continual rains make them want to snuggle with a someone close. But be careful of who you pick to get cozy with.

There are predators out there lurking and waiting on the opportunity to get into your heart, your life and especially your home. These predatory creatures are known simply as ‘hobo-sexuals’, which are men who need somewhere to stay or live at this particular time of year and so enter or form relationships that will get them into someone’s heart and bedroom.

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They previously would bounce from couch to couch as they are usually down on their luck so they are not exactly homeless but they do not have a place of their own.

They are also attractive enough to the opposite sex which is why they caught your eye – but make no mistake, they are not the marrying kind. They will tell you what you need to hear in order to stay warm and cosy…until around February or March.

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Now the signs to look out for are pretty simple but can be easily missed as they do not tend to be glaringly obvious. When stacked altogether, however, they can paint a convincing picture that something is ‘off’ with this individual.

  • Firstly, when you ask about previous relationships or women he has dated in the past he deflects, changes the subject or gives an answer that seems evasive.
  • When quizzed about career or prior employment, once again you hear that he hustles, is between jobs or has never worked at any place longer than 3 months.

Big red flag to both, because it means he has no ties or loyalty and that he does not seem willing to go out and hold down a job permanently.

  • The friends he does introduce you to, seem genuinely surprised that you are with him and may even jokingly state that he is dating ‘up’ which may sound like a compliment but actually means ‘how did he manage to snag someone as collected as you?’ You have all your ducks in a row, good credit, are responsible and easy on the eyes, so, therefore, you are a catch and apparently, you just got caught.
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  • Once you take him in, he makes himself real comfortable, real fast! Hence your food and your remote are never far from his grasp.
  • He does just enough around the house for you to consider him helpful so you assume he is a keeper – but make no mistake all the bills including the grocery bills still fall on you as he has nothing to contribute other than his presence and attention.
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In the beginning, he seems like an ideal companion to come home to, but if you think about it, so does a housebroken dog.

Sadly, you’ll realise that he is a leech about the same time he has ‘restless leg syndrome’ and wants to bounce, so you’ll both drift apart and he drifts out of your life.