Lasine Matthews: Balancing motherhood and business with ThingsYouCanKey’P

Lasine Matthews (Photo: Chris Lewinson)

Not many of us would have had the aptitude to turn something as simple as a key chain into a flourishing business, but for Lasine Matthews, this was instinctive. “I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur. Growing up, my mom and dad didn’t work for anybody and I always tell myself well, I’m not going to work for anybody either,” she said. 

Make a statement with a key chain from ThingYouCanKey’P

So one day when she needed a key chain, but couldn’t find one to her liking, the young creative made one. She then decided to make some more to sell. Her business aptly named-ThingYouCanKey’P, changes your ordinary key chain into a statement piece. ” We engrave in the key chain, a message a date, a name, anything sentimental to the person you want to give as a gift,” she said. 

ThingsYouCanKey’P personalizes your key chain

Balancing motherhood and business

A year into the business, and the 26 year old is balancing motherhood, and a 9-5 with a business “It’s hard, often times I am not motivated at all. I’d have to wait until my son is gone to bed or at school. As soon as he’s in bed that’s the time I get to focus on the business,” she said. 

Matthews said she’s determined to grow her business. “I’ve been trying to focus on corporate gifting and weddings and gift shop. A part from it being able to accessorize and organize your keys, its also a souvenir, the fact that you can engrave a message on it, that goes a long way,” she said.

‘A part from it being able to accessorize and organize your keys, its also a souvenir’.


And with the responses she has received from her customers, she believes growth is possible. “They are always in awe, and I’m taken aback by that all the time because each time a customer expresses how much they love the key chain,”  she said.

The key chains are available in a variety of colours

Currently Matthews sells her product online through Instagram and pop up shops, but intends to move beyond the online space soon. “I want to go retail next year, but in the meantime, the key chains are able to order on Instagram and WhatsApp, they go for $800 to $1300,” she said.