Lattecha Willocks fell in love with art as a child

Lattecha Willocks smiles while creating one of her masterpieces. (Photos: Contributed)

Years ago, Lattecha Willocks left the hotel industry to become a full-time artist.

This is a direction it seems she was meant to go in, as she fell in love with the arts when she was only a child. She was nostalgic as she spoke about her days at a summer camp in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“I discovered talents I had no idea existed.”

— Lattecha Willocks

“Around that same time, the St James Public Library hosted a summer camp for kids in the city, and I participated with my sister. That summer camp changed my life,” said Willocks, who has also lived in Austria.

‘The Art of Gentle Protest’ is one of Willocks stand out pieces.

“That is where I learned to sew and do embroidery, and where I probably wrote my first poem. We drew flowers, made postcards. It was amazing. For the first time, I discovered talents I had no idea existed.”

These days, she is a Jill of all trades, as she has co-published a book, and she also paints and draws. In addition, she operates the Lattecha Willocks Gallery that is located in Negril, Jamaica.

She also has an edge as an artist, as she can turn her canvas into statement fashion pieces, like bags.

‘Stepping Forward’ was made using acrylic and ink on watercolour paper.

“Art is not some highbrow concept that is removed from the life and experiences of the average person going about their business. It is vital to find a way to inject art in whatever form into our lives,” explained Willocks, who wants to publish her book of poetry in 2020.

As she prepares to realise that poetic dream, Willocks can boast that she has achieved every artist’s goal of a solo exhibit, as her artwork has been displayed in Germany and Jamaica.

—Story written by Shania Hanchard