Lauren O Lauren is more than an influencer

Lauren O Lauren says she is a digital content creator. (Photo: Instagram @laurenolauren)

For Lauren O Lauren, personal brand building is a strategic tool that she uses in her day-to-day engagements with her audience and corporate entities, as she tries to tell stories that reflect a persona that is compelling and authentic.

The Jamaica-born social and digital expert has been working in the digital media space for more than a decade, and she now holds a post at US-based Bumble, one of the largest tech agencies in the world.

Back when she was in Jamaica, the social butterfly, whose real name is Lauren Dunn, started the Lauren O Lauren Show. It began on Facebook before finding its way on to Jamaican cable station Flow 100. On the show, she would use her candid personality to speak on personal issues that were affecting her as a female. At the time, she said she didn’t know that she was building her personal brand. Although the brand was initially seen as being vulgar and loud, she was able to gain a following because of her sincerity and authenticity.

And while she believes she might influence persons, Lauren does not view herself as an influencer. Instead, she believes she is a digital content creator.

— Story written by Andre Cooper