Leisha Wong sees growth in Jamaica’s culinary events

Leisha Wong (left ) and Jacqui Sinclair.

One of the founding members of Kingston Kitchen, Leisha Wong, is a huge supporter of hosting culinary food events in Jamaica and notes the growth in this area.

In fact, she is pleased to see a number of entrepreneurs in the food industry now looking to establish their businesses and offering a variety of services.

Kingston Kitchen began in 2011 and was founded by Jacqui Sinclair, Melanie Miller and Leisha Wong. The idea was to create a food fair where families could come and en joy food in a safe environment and at a reasonable price point. It was also an opportunity to showcase a variety of food vendors and their wares.

The inaugural event was a big hit and the girls went on to host other Kingston Kitchen events, each outdoing their previous outings.

Utilising her journalism background, Leisha produces a Kitchen Kitchen magazine which is a must-have if you are a foodie. This summer’s Kingston Kitchen was held at Hope Gardens and was a resounding success.

Speaking with BUZZ, Leisha said: “We were blown away by the turn out this summer and the event has grown exponentially. A love of food in Jamaica is being fully recognised and people are turning out to events in huge numbers. When we started in December 2011 our first event  saw 400 people turning up and we had 25 vendors. This year we had just under 2000 patrons with 70 vendors. This speaks volumes for the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors and there is no question that the food truck scene is growing in Jamaica.”