Let’s Eat! – Junction Stop

Authentic local and Italian style cuisine, small yet vibrant chill spots and friendly people make a trip to Junction, St Elizabeth well worth it. While it’s not as popular as its neighbours Mandeville, Manchester and Santa Cruz St, Elizabeth theirs is that homely small-family-town vibe.  Well we should say the entire town centre is almost visible from one spot.

So, let’s talk about food. You’re probably thinking “Okay pause, what Italian cuisine?” That’s one of the great things about Junction, there’s a restaurant for whatever you’re craving (slight exaggeration) but you do have choices.

Chinese Anyone? Check out Flaming’ wok restaurant; Noodles, Shrimp fried rice, Wontons its all there. To top it off, it’s free delivery!!!

Ro’s Cakehouse. Ro’s Serves American style dishes and the aforementioned Italian cuisine and as if pasta does not hit the spot, Ro’s doubles as a coffee shop and serves homemade pastries. They also serve a killer cosmopolitan at the bar and their bailey’s mudslide is like a spiked chocolate milkshake. Coffee, Cake, Liquor and Pasta all under one roof?

Did someone say Heaven? Not only is the food amazing (and affordable) the place is totally Instagram-worthy. Just like the town, Ro’s is small but it has this coffeeshop meets diner vibe that is tragically aesthetic. It’s the perfect place for foodies and shutterbugs.

If local food is more your speed, there’s A One Lounge and Grill. They serve a variety of local dishes but their curry goat and Manish water heads the menu.

A traditional Jamaican dish of rice and peas with baked chicken and side of tomatoes served at A One Bar and Lounge (Photo: Facebook – A One Bar and Lounge)

Hop over to La Brisa. La Brisa is popular with the teenage crowd. It’s a casual place to have a drink with friends or just to grab a bite to eat. La Brisa overlooks a section of the town so you’re sure to get great selfies.

On the other side, there is Deerrs Bar and Chill. Talk about Instagram worthy. Deerrs serves a variety of dishes as well as matchless cocktails at the bar. It’s perfect for those Friday nights, hitting the town and filling your Snapchat and insta story with bomb photos and videos. So, you have the Food the drinks and the chill spot down.

What about dessert? Well Junction offers two ice cream shops Kupcakes and a mini Devon House. Devon House is pretty well known all over the island but Kupcakes is where the locals prefer to get their icy treats.