‘Let’s share the bread up’: Bounty Killer’s foundation assists with clothing drive

The Bounty Foundation has teamed up with the Yishmah Foundation for a clothing drive that will assist several needy people in Jamaica.

Bounty Killer

The ‘Poor People’s Governor’ shared the information via Instagram on Monday, highlighting the importance of giving back.

“Season greetings although poor ppl fed [up] dem still a hold dem head up so this Christmas let’s share the bread up,” Bounty Killer captioned a video on his page.

In the video, a woman, presumably the head of the Yishmah Foundation, is heard thanking the Bounty Foundation for its donations. There were also a few people sorting through barrels and lines of clothing items.

“Big respect to the Bounty Foundation, alongside the Yishmah Foundation. Today we start a clothing drive. Just putting out now and we are going to continue throughout the day and the rest of the week,” she said.

On the Instagram page for the Yishmah Foundation, it was disclosed that 12 barrels of clothing were donated to many needy people, and they plan to give away more items.

“We had a big turn out and will continue to put stuff out this week, @yishmahgive we love to support and we applaud the @bounty_foundation for their generous donation,” the post said.

In October, Bounty Killer, through his foundation, donated barrels of clothing to the Yishmah Foundation.

Bounty Killer is no stranger to giving, as in September, he donated $100,000 to a child with disabilities. Before that, he also helped a 17-year-old to build a house.

He has also given back to people in his Seaview Gardens community, as well as the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public hospitals.