Let’s sip to that: Jamaica celebrates Blue Mountain Coffee

We’re celebrating coffee!!

Hearing that out loud, you might think we are talking about reggae sensation ‘Koffee’, but what we are actually talking about is Jamaica’s world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee.

As of January 9th this year, Jamaica and Japan will celebrate the much-loved fruit and all its processed variations on what is now dubbed Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day. This day came into being after the two nations agreed to it in 2019.

A boon that is expected of this initiative is that coffee production and sales are set to rise after suffering a slump in recent years. Reports are that sales have been cut in half comparing the last decade with the previous one.

For a number of years, the industry faced various challenges to include dwindling prices leading to decreasing production, but there is high hope that there will be a change.

Japan accounts for most of the sales of the product, with over 60%, but the intention going forward is to build the brand globally and reach into different markets for exportation.