Lexi Crafts: Appealing to your sentimentality

Owner of Lexi Crafts, Alexcia Anderson

How many of us have had that business idea, which has remained an idea for years?

For 22-year-old Alexcia Anderson, that was the desire to have her own craft business. Anderson explained that she has always been very creative, but wasn’t sure how monetized her ability.

‘My design are very lightweight and they are easy to handle’

— Anderson

But that changed for her a year ago. “In summer 2019, I decided I was going to take my ideas and start my business but I wanted to do something out of the box and I did my research and come up with a small budget,” she said.

And just like that, Lexi Crafts was created. Here Anderson aims to use her creativity to provide her customers with a piece that represents them, and that’s long lasting.

Created out of her natural inclination to think outside the box, Anderson told BUZZ that each piece is specially designed with her customers in mind.

“My design are very lightweight and they are easy to handle, they can be place on the wall without destroying the wall. The client get to personalize their own name by telling me what to add and I would create to it the best of my ability,” she said.

Pieces from Lexi Crafts

She explained that they can be used for photo shoots, weddings, parties, and room decor.

Be passionate

The Excelsior Community College student is pursuing a degree in Tourism Hospitality Entertainment Management but her gravitation towards entrepreneurship comes from her desire to provide a service that she would have control over.

And after a year in business, Anderson said she has also picked up a few gems as well.

“Be passionate about what you do, think outside the box, set high and long-term goals, explore before you commit, focus on your product and make it better, stay in learning mode all the time, and get to know your clients,” she advises.

Pieces from Lexi Crafts can be used for different occasions

Her prices range from $700 to $7000, and Anderson said she offers both local and international deliveries.

Her craft pieces can be purchased from her Instagram page @lexi_craftcreations,

Cement memories from Lexi Crafts