Life lessons you appreciate as you age

As we get older, some mistakes we make will start to make more sense and become teachable moments.

They say wisdom and maturity come with age. While this isn’t true for everyone, we would like to think, for most of us, it has credence. Every day we see lessons play out about friendships, health, finances and relationships and sometime we take away bits and pieces of insight that we hold onto or impart to others. Life lessons are easily found in simple things but some are universal. Here are a few to mull over in your quiet time:

1. Sometime you will feel like and look like crap….and it’s okay: As long as you do not need to be on the cover of magazine, go about your business.

You won’t always look and feel your best, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

2. It is okay to not only fail but share the stories of failure: Oftentimes we only hear the success stories but people need to also hear that the journey was not a straight, perfect line and that you had bumps along the way.

3.  Life is not a fairy tale: This is not a Disney or Hallmark movie. It gets rough out there and you cannot crumble when it happens. You have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

4. If you gain a little weight, the world will not end.

You may gain a few pounds over the course of your life, and that’s just how things are. It’s nothing to get down on yourself about.

5. Carpe diem: Seize each and every opportunity, even if it turns out not to eventually lead to a big break. At least you know you tried and will not be forever wondering what would have happened.

6. Stand in your truth: Whatever it may be, just own it.

7. Life is too short for grudges: Let them go because it is not worth it. If the person dies you may never get the closure you need so let go and let God.