Life really gets better with age, study finds

There are a lot of things that come with age, and research has found that mindfulness is one of them.

Researchers at the Flinders University in Adelaide in Australia found that middle-aged and elderly people have higher levels of ‘mindfulness’ gained through life experience, reducing stress and generating positive emotions.

Mindfulness is a ‘natural human ability to be aware of one’s experiences’ and use them to deal with challenges in a positive way. 

The behavioural scientists studied more than 600 adults aged 18 to 86, and found older people have the wisdom and experience to use mindfulness to get through life. 

‘The significance of mindfulness for wellbeing may also increase as we get older, in particular the ability to focus on the present moment and to approach experiences in a non-judgmental way,’ said Professor Tim Windsor, behavioural scientist at Flinders University in Adelaide said.