LifeYard: A creative oasis in Kingston’s ‘inner-city’

Just outside the gate to LifeYard, a surreal mural of Haile Selassie adorns the wall of the eco-village. (Photos: Don Waysome)

LifeYard, found in the heart of Parade Gardens on Fleet Street in downtown Kingston, is an eco-village.

It was created by a group of young Rastafarians, out of a need to breathe life into Fleet Street.

Judging from the stunning imagery our BUZZ lenses captured, Fleet Street is very much alive, artistically. Check out the gallery below:

So, in 2014, the group started to beautify sections of the community, to restore pride into the younger generation.

Today, LifeYard stands as a growing social enterprise – the first multicultural, intergenerational eco-village of its kind in Kingston!

LifeYard director Romaine ‘Sabukie’ Allen

It’s not just a physical space but a movement, as its members spearhead several community outreach programmes.

As the creative and cultural oasis it is, LifeYard welcomes all walks of life.

Fuelled by a strong connection to Rastafarian roots, its members connect with everyone on a personal level.

Plant a seed of knowledge, tend to it and wisdom flourishes.

LifeYard has a gift shop, bar, restaurant and is working on a permaculture farm to become self-sufficient.

The children of Fleet Street are the biggest beneficiaries of LifeYard’s activities, as the group engages in entrepreneurial activities and literacy programmes.

Accountant and Executive member of LifeYard Danijah Taylor (right) speaks to BUZZ on his #PenPowerment initiative. Looking on is director Romaine ‘Sabukie’ Allen.

Various skills are taught to members of the community, which LifeYard hopes can be used to earn a living. These include drumming, playing the piano, embroidery, sewing, jewellery making, and farming.