Lights, camera, action! Content creator starter kit

Are you considering becoming a content creator? Itching to show the world your skills or make people laugh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Content creation requires a balance of tech and know-how.

There are several tech items you must consider for different kinds of creative work.


Sony A6500 mirrorless camera. (Photo: B&H Photo)

If you intend to produce video content, you need a camera. You can opt for a dedicated digital camera or use your smartphone if you have one. There is a wide range of digital cameras on the market. There are simple point and shoot cameras, DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

For the best results, use a flagship smartphone or an interchangeable lens camera. A GoPro is perfect for action shooting. Check out our Panasonic Lumix G7 review for details on that great beginner’s camera.


A handheld stabiliser smooths out handshakes. (Photo: B&H Photo)

You’ll need some form of stabilisation if you want your content to be taken seriously. No one wants to watch shaky footage. A tripod is the easiest way to ensure your footage looks stable. You just set it up and secure your camera and voila shake free content.

Handheld stabilisers/Gimbals are ideal for situations where you must move while shooting video. Gimbals have motors that smooth out camera shake by adding opposite motion that cancels out your own. That way, you can get clean, vibrate free footage.


Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim External HDD. (Photo: Amazon)

All that footage, sound and photos must go somewhere. Storage is vital to the creative process. Without it, you’ll be wasting your time. An SD card is the first line of storage to consider. They’re relatively cheap and store any form of digital files. SD cards are also incredibly versatile. They fit in several device types and come in many sizes.

An external hard drive is another way to save your data. External hard drives are inexpensive and have massive storage capacities for all your files.

“Having off-site storage ensures your data is secured no matter what.”

Cloud storage is another excellent way to ensure your content is secured. Unlike the previously mentioned storage methods, cloud storage isn’t stored locally. This means that your information remains available whenever you have an internet connection. The option is essential as local storage sometimes fails and may be lost or stolen. Having off-site storage ensures your data is secured no matter what.

External Audio

Your content consumers will find your work more appealing if they can hear it clearly. External audio recording almost always produces better results as they are designed with only sound in mind. Handheld, lavaliere (or other) mics and external audio recorders provide much better sound than your smartphone.

If you’re starting a podcast, microphones make a lot of sense. For video, also consider external audio. Handheld cameras are notoriously terrible audio recorders as they pick up a lot of ambient sounds and aren’t very directional. Ideally, dedicated microphones will yield better results.


Ring light. (Photo: B&H Photo)

Brighten your content with good lighting. You may think your bedroom window provides enough illumination, but adding a light may improve your overall production quality. Cameras love light. If you feed them enough lighting, your footage will thank you.

Editing Software and Hardware

Video Editing software Premiere Pro. (Photo: Adobe)

It doesn’t matter what content you produce. You need to manipulate the material sensibly, so it makes sense to your viewers, listeners or readers. Editing software gets the job done. Applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and After Effects are excellent tools to get your video files looking on point. Adobe Audition and GarageBand provide the tools required to get your audio sounding right.

Editing hardware is equally important. If your equipment is outdated, you may have to watch spinning hourglasses as your content loads. The good news is, there are several hardware choices. Smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to push through some edits and deliver unrecognisable results in some cases.

Specialised Writing Software

Google Docs. (Photo: XDA Developers)

Writing is essential to sustainable content creation. While pen and paper are the legendary duos, dedicated software provides functions that scribbling cannot replicate. For example, specialised writing software enables document sharing, collaboration, organisation and formatting.

With these recommendations, you are ready to go forth. Use these ideas to spread your creative seeds and watch the likes and subscribers grow.