Lila Ikè says the lockdown has taken a serious toll on her

Jamaica has been in “restricted movement” mode for more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and singer Lila Iké is over it.

The Stars Align artist was offering encouraging words to her followers on Instagram this morning when she revealed that she has been having a hard time with the not-so-new normal.

“I’m over it, mi 100 per cent over it,” she said. “It’s taking a toll pon mi mental but mi understand seh dah ting yah look like it real and mi nuh know weh it be but we all haffi tek a responsibility… In light of all of that, we still have to give thanks, give thanks seh we wake up. We haffi give thanks seh we alive and well.”

Adding to her state are the relentless crimes being committed against women, most recently the chopping of a woman in Clarendon by a male vendor and the murder of Khanice Jackson. 

“It’s so much sh*t man, so much things… So many people in pain over wah? Just carelessness and just evil man, just evil. Mi just a implore everybody just put a likkle love inna yuh heart today.”

She added, “Sometimes mi think about dah world yah and seh, ‘Bwoy, a this yah place yah mi supposed to a bring pickney come inna?’, and it is so depressing, it really depressing man… We have corona pon we, now a bare rape and man a kill woman and it’s just so distasteful.”

Iké, who took up boxing as a means of self-defense after an incident years ago, said the current atmosphere makes her fearful.

“Right now as woman mi can tell yuh seh I am very fearful of this place weh we haffi live inna, very very fearful of it and it’s not even just a now thing, it’s been a minute.”

She urged men to be respectful towards all females, “and nuh just have respect fi woman when yuh deh pon camera or when it’s trending… Women have respect fi man too, it’s a balance…”

To counter the psychological blues, Iké suggests staying active.

“Get up and go walk go somewhere, nuh badda lockdown inna di house. Get some sun and everything weh mi a tell unno right now is kinda like a reminder to myself cause me’ll lock up inna di house whole day. It’s like trying to move a mountain when mi a get up these days and even go workout, it’s a lot. This thing is tekking a serious toll but we haffi do weh we haffi do. All is not lost.”