Lisa Hanna gets second jab, instructs nurse to go slow for the cameras

Member of Parliament for Saint Ann South Eastern, Lisa Hanna, recently demonstrated how to take the vaccine like a champ.

Hanna who proudly declared that she wasn’t afraid of needles shared a video clip of herself being inoculated on her social media platforms early Friday (June 4).

The MP, who seemed keen on fighting vaccine hesitancy, told the nurse to go slowly as she appeared to want to show the public that she was actually getting the jab, which is often administered very quickly.

“Okay so let me tell you. You’re going push the needle in slowly, hold it and then give it,”said Hanna as she instructed the nurse on how she wanted the jab to be administered.

After receiving the jab, one woman is heard commenting on the bravery shown by the MP, who held steady and didn’t flinch during the inoculation process.

“I am not afraid of needles… see painless,” responded Hanna.

Hanna also shared with her Instagram following that after being administered the jab, she had no side effects, not even cramping in the arm.

Double Vaxxed! – – ‘Nurse do it slow so if they blink they won’t miss it …’( I had ZERO side effects with both vaccines -not even cramping of my arm)

Posted by Lisa Hanna on Friday, June 4, 2021