Lisa Hanna speaks out against social media bullying

Jamaican member of Parliament Lisa Hanna

Lisa Hanna was always very active on social media, but that does not mean she isn’t aware of its ills. In fact, the Jamaica politician is very critical of how it has changed our value systems.

She recently addressed the issue in an Instagram post.

“As one of the first public officials to embrace social media, I have a healthy respect for its functions, but it doesn’t escape me how radically it has altered our value systems and personal relationships. You just have to watch two people sitting together to appreciate what I mean. Their heads and thumbs never leave their phone screens,” she wrote.

She continued: “This obsession has also dehumanised our consciousness. Filming the scene of a fatal car accident (victims and commentary included) are uploaded without a second thought about families – after all THAT will go viral!”.

She pointed out the irony that although social media was created to connect people, we have never been more disconnected. And use the space for malicious acts such as bullying.

“As at 2017, 1.6 million or over 60% of our population use their phones to connect to the internet. Like most places in the world Jamaicans are connected. But we don’t appear to be connected to each other. Many tend to stay in this abstract world completely oblivious to some of the horrific realities in our midst or in their own lives; choosing instead to bully and blog about others with rapacious appetite,” she said.

Hanna took a hiatus from social media, shortly after she lost her bid for the presidency of the People’s National Party to Mark Golding.