Lisa Hanna writes touching tribute to her son ahead of PNP’s presidential election

Lisa Hanna with son, Alex

People’s National Party (PNP) presidential candidate, Lisa Hanna wrote a touching tribute to her son, Alex, on Instagram.

The post, which she dedicated to “every mother who wants the best for their children” included a video that showed a young Hanna nursing her son. The four-minute reel took on viewers on a journey that showed both Alex and Hanna’s growth.

The heartwarming peek into Hanna’s personal life was backed by Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance, complemented by Hanna and her son sharing laughter in the background.

“I’ve watched, guided, and protected you through good times and bad. You’ve always loved and supported me in everything I’ve done. This journey is no different. But just like all the journeys we’ve traveled together, we will continue to huddle close and protect one another,” she said.

The mom of one prayed for God’s blessings on her son and thanked him for always making her proud.

“As your mommy I’ve ALWAYS seen you maintain your maturity, humility and never said a bad word about anyone. You’re an adult now, and I pray God continues to bless and protect you. Keep staying on the high road! I love you always. Keep dancing,” she said.