Lizzo volunteers at Australian foodbank

American singer Lizzo (left) volunteered at an Australian foodbank recently.

Lizzo volunteered at an Australian foodbank to help wildfire victims.

The Juice hitmaker took some time out from her gigs Down Under to attend Melbourne’s Foodbank, where she helped hundreds of volunteers pack food hampers.

Sharing the news on their Facebook account, they wrote: “Beautiful Lizzo stopped by our Foodbank Victoria warehouse today to thank our hardworking team and vollies who have been working tirelessly for the past 6 days. What a star, she even packed hampers for fire-affected regions. Thank you for the support (sic)”

“This isn’t a political issue at this point, this is a human issue.”

— Lizzo

Meanwhile, Lizzo previously pledged her support for those battling the wildfires.

In an impassioned video, she shared: “Good morning from Brisbane, Australia, Queensland. Being over here in Australia has really given me a real-time view into what’s happening with these devastating fires, and for all of my followers who are mostly American, I just want to say that this is a global crisis. I don’t want to politicise anything. This isn’t a political issue at this point, this is a human issue. The CO2 emissions that are being created by this fire are staggering and it affects the world. They don’t rise into the atmosphere and suddenly float out of the Australian borderlines and go, ‘Oh, no, this is an Australian issue, let’s just hover around Australia.’ No, these CO2 emissions will affect the entire earth. All of our atmosphere, all of our air.”