Local foods that many people are surprisingly allergic to

We love them, but sometimes they do not love us back. Food may be nice, but not all foods are created equal, especially if, when we eat them, they make us sick.

Many people are allergic to ackee. (Photo: eatthismuch.com)

Some allergies just make us itch or have a skin rash while others are way more serious and can land us in the hospital because they can shut down our windpipe and bring us a step closer to the Grim Reaper.

Some of them are foods that we enjoyed when we were younger, but as we age, they seem to turn again us, so what we consumed in abundance at one time, we can only look at from afar and survive on the memories. You even have a few adventurous souls who arm themselves with Benadryl or other antihistamines beforehand to combat the effects of their particular allergies, but eventually your body may build a tolerance to even the medication which then becomes ineffective. Check out the list below.    


National dish or no, it gives some people belly pain and others are bloated for days.


We forget at times that the cassava can be poisonous in its raw state and maybe this is why some people swell up like the Michelin man when they consume it.


It may be sweet for some but sticky for others.


Note some people are allergic to most seafood while others are allergic to one specific type, such as crab, which means that they can eat lobster, etc


This is common enough one which means they cannot even fool around the shrimp-flavoured cup soup.


Who would have thought that the food drink of champions is not for everybody? Well, it is not.

Coffee causes migraines for many people.


Many start their day with it, and some start their migraines with it as well.


Yes, it is great Vitamin C, but it can also trigger a headache


It is so common that most people do not realise it.


This means that stuff such as peanut brittle, peanut butter and even the ingredients in a cake can cause a negative reaction.


Now, this particular one is heartbreaking for the sufferer as almost every other meal made, Jamaicans either want it curried or want curry gravy.