Lock down measures cause couples to put off having babies, study finds

(Photo: The Daily Beast)

So we all thought we’d be meeting some Quarantinas and Quarantinos after these lock down measures are permanently lifted. Because when couples are stuck inside together, what else do they got to do than have sex and make babies right?

Well, we were all wrong. Turns out people are delaying having babies because of the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. (Can’t say I blame them)

A research led by the University of Florence found more than a third of people (37 per cent) who had been hoping for a child soon have put these plans on hold due to the pandemic. 

Over 80 per cent of all people surveyed, including those that were and were not considering having children, do not plan to conceive during the COVID-19 crisis.

This is in contrary to what the common man was expecting and what experts were predicting. 

The thing is people are worried about the economic impact coronavirus will have, and you know babies aren’t cheap. On top of that, there is the potential implications on pregnancy because of the virus.

Lead author Dr Elisabetta Micelli, an expert in IVF, says mental wellbeing is affecting the desire to have a baby.

She explained: ‘The impact of the quarantine on general population’s perception of their stability and peacefulness is alarming,”