Look at them cheeks! 50 Cent gushes over Nicki Minaj’s baby

Looks like 50 Cent caught some baby fever after Nicki Minaj posted the first photos of her son, whom she calls ‘Papa Bear’.

In an uncharacteristic move by the rapper, 50 Cent joined the rest of the Internet in gushing over the three-month-old baby.

“Look at them cheeks, we got another winner. I would say south side but this baby rich. 👀look at him i think he know he rich already,” he wrote.

He even went as far as reposting the entire collage of photos that Nicki shared on her Instagram.

And we weren’t the only ones who were completely taken aback by 50 Cent’s very public display of affection for Nicki’s son. Quite a few of his fans were pleasantly surprised.

“Ah this is deff a start to good year FIF SHOWING LOVEEEEEE,” one fan commented.

“Kings supporting queens 😭 fitty wants another baby,” another added.