Louis Vuitton releases US $2,890 light-up speakers

(Photo: Input Mag)

Listen music, but make it fashionable.

That must be Louis Vuitton’s new goal with the release of its US $2,890 Horizon Light Up Speakers. According to the luxury fashion company that has recently ventured into tech products, the speaker, which we must add, looks like something out of a Marvel movie, is the perfect blend between fashion and technology.

Louis Vuitton said it’s challenging what a speaker is supposed to look like, and we dare say, they definitely succeeded.

The speaker is made of glass, stainless steel, and leather construction, and 35 LEDs. It also has the brand’s traditional symbols and logos plastered on virtually every surface of the speaker.

The company says that the Horizon speaker is inspired by its similarly extraterrestrial-ly shaped Toupie handbag, which comes in a similar, UFO-esque design.

Although it’s available on Louis Vuitton’s website, it won’t start shipping until July 31st. Maybe you’ll save enough money by then to cop one?