Love is in the air! Airline offers speed dating on flights for the holiday season

The love of your life might just be on a flight to nowhere!

An airline in Taiwan is trying to help singletons find love for the Christmas holidays by introducing speed dating on their flights.

One of Taiwan’s largest carriers, EVA Air, is expanding the latest ‘flights to nowhere’ trend. This is where aircraft take-off and land at the same airport, by coupling it with speed-dating. 

So you can travel and meet the love of your life even though the borders are closed.

EVA Air is partnering with travel experience company Mobius on a campaign called ‘Fly! Love is in the Air’ to arrange the three-hour flights for single travellers on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Chiang Tsung-Wei, the spokesperson for You and Me, the speed dating arm of Mobius, told CNN Travel that the experience will be almost like a scene of out a romantic movie.

“When single men and women travel, apart from enjoying the fun in travel, they may wish to meet someone – like a scene in a romantic movie,” he said.

“In addition to gathering participants with enough spending power, it also attracts a group of single people who love traveling. With the same values, it boosts participants’ motivation to meet and helps smoothen their conversation from the start.”

The flight will be for three hours. It will depart Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport and then circles the airspace above Taiwan before landing at the same airport. The singletons then embark on a romantic two-hour date back on land. 

Couples will be seated by a lucky draw but will be able allowed to move around and chat to other people if they don’t feel a spark. 

The whirlwind dates, which cost $295 per person, end with a ‘confession’ section where participants reveal who they felt they had chemistry with. 

Each flight seats 40 passengers – 20 men and 20 women – whilst the participants must be university graduates from Taiwan. Tickets are restricted to men between 28 and 38 years old and women between 24 and 35 years old.