Dear mom, thank you for not giving up on me

Editor’s note: It’s Mother’s Day, and we knew you would be writing long captions on your social to your mom. But we here at BUZZ are a little bit sentimental, so we gave some of our BUZZ Fam the chance to write love letters instead. Here’s what Emani Knight wrote to her mom, Felecia Knight in our feature, Love Letters to Mom.

Dear Mom,

Let me start by saying I’m sorry for being a difficult teenager. We definitely got off to a rough start. I know I don’t say this enough, but I love you. In hindsight I realize I wasn’t the easiest kid to deal with; opinionated, stubborn, strong-willed. But you listened to me and I appreciate that. You heard every suggestion, every objection, every criticism. It wasn’t always welcomed but it was received.

Emani with her mom, Felecia (Photo: Contributed)

Thank you for not giving up on me during my most difficult tantrums and thank you for always supporting me when I go against the grain. Thank you for allowing me to express myself in ways other parents may not accept and for always being there when I need help. Thank you for the lessons you taught me,especially the ones I really didn’t want to learn.

“Thank you for allowing me to express myself in ways other parents may not accept”.

— Emani

But most of all thank you for the sacrifices you made to make sure that my experiences would be better than yours. I hope one day, I can pay you back in some way. In true Jamaican fashion:

“big up yuhself Ms.Fel”.

big up yuhself Ms.Fel (Photo: Contributed)

Happy Mothers day.