Lower your expectations if you want to be happy, study finds

Do you wanna be happy? Then lower your expectations!

Scientists at the University College in London have found the “equation to happiness”.  And really BUZZ Fam, it’s what you’ve been seeing on memes all along; lowering your expectations.

But there is catch to this. You do not want to lower them so much that they make you miserable, so you have to find the right balance.

The researchers found all of this out with a game.

They launched a mobile app that encouraged players to make risky decisions and say how they thought they would perform. 

More than 18,000 people played the game, giving the researchers an insight into links between performance, expectations and happiness levels in players. 

They paired findings with MRI scans to gain a deeper understanding and one day create an equation that can “explain the different factors that matter for happiness in each and every one of us.”

In the end, they found that high expectations seem to be a big problem in terms of happiness, suggesting that it “is not a good idea to tell a friend they will love the gift you are about to give them,” as it raises expectations and removes the surprise.