Make your home ‘POSH’ with a DIY statement wall.

Infamous beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Alyssa Forever, might have found the formula to make our lives a whole lot cooler with this new interior design idea for millennials and “the lovers of the finer things”.

The Louis Vuitton wall.

She defines it as a really unique way to make a statement out of your living space and honestly, I can’t argue with that logic. What better way to say “I’M POSH” than an inexpensive Louis Vuitton-adorned wall statement wall in the bedroom or living room of your house?

So, let’s cut to the chase and keep this as simple and user-friendly as possible. All you need is some cardboard pieces, a stencil cutter/tool, one or two cans of green spray paint (depending on how big your wall is), a marker, some faux shrubs (fake wall shrubs), scissors, a hot glue gun, hammer and nails (optional) and a cardboard box.

First things first. Draw the Louis Vuitton logo and symbols on a large piece of cardboard with your marker. At this point, Alyssa used a mini projector to help with the accuracy of the drawing. This is completely optional; you can always just eyeball it or find other creative ways to get it done. Draw them as big or as small as you need to.

Next, get the stencil tool and cut out the logo and the other Louis Vuitton symbols from the cardboard.

Next step, get your cardboard box and head outside with the spray paint and the cutouts. Place the cutouts inside the box, place as many as you can, depending on the size of the box and spray paint the stencils green.

Next, let the stencil dry and place the spray-painted side of the stencil against the back of the faux shrub and cut along the outline of the stencil.

Use the hot glue gun and glue them together. Give it the requisite amount of time to dry according to the instructions on the box. Next, remove any excess shrubbery to make it all look more defined. All that’s left to do is get it up on that wall. At this point it should be looking like this:

Repeat the same steps for the Louis symbols and place them on the wall.

The final product should be looking like this:

Now you’re all set !

Check out the video of the process.