Man behind ‘Spanish laughing guy meme’ dies

Joya Borja was known for bringing giggles to people worldwide

Sad news this morning BUZZ Fam, Joya Borja, known as the man behind the ‘Spanish Laughing Guy’ meme has died. He was 65-years-old.

ABC de Sevilla reports that Borja died on Wednesday in hospital. He was admitted for health issues last year.

Borja first went viral in 2014 when he was interviewed on Spanish TV. The comedian and actor, aptly nicknamed ‘El Risitas’ (‘The Giggles’) told a story about his time working at a restaurant and could not hold it together, descended into fits of giggles.

His interview got the “meme treatment” and he was also known as the face of the ‘KEKW’ emoji on Twitch.

He will be best remembered for bringing millions of people joy with his distinctive laugh.