Mariah Carey promises to spill the beans in her memoir

When Mariah Carey releases her memoir next week, fans will be in for a treat, as she promises to share many juicy details about her 30-year music career.

Singer Mariah Carey

The book, The Meaning of Mariah, will be released on September 29.  

In the memoir, she talks about her life as an entertainer, her upbringing, the relationships she has had and life as a mother.

Something that is sure to grab readers is information she shared about her failed marriage with Tommy Mottola.

While that might be a bit sour, there are stories about love, especially the love she feels for her children.

“The children provide me with this actual love, and they are my actual family and I’m not worried about them trying to hurt me. I’ve never had a reference for unconditional, familial love until now,” she said in an interview on ‘The Oprah Conversation: Mariah Carey’ that premieres today, September 24 on Apple TV+.

The memoir will be released by Andy Cohen Books, an imprint at Henry Holt & Company, while the audiobook will be produced by Audible. Michaela Angela Davis assisted with the writing.

Fans will also get to hear Mariah’s vocals, as there are plans to include musical moments as her story is being told.