Mark Golding got gushy on the ‘Gram for Valentines Day

Jamaican politician, Mark Golding, and wife, Sandra Golding taking in artsy sites in Downtown Kingston for Valentines Day

Love was in the air on Sunday (February 14) and Jamaica’s Opposition leader Mark Golding wasn’t shy about bearing his heart on the ‘Gram, as he expressed his love for his wife, Sandra.

Golding shared a video on his IG page in which he was seen handing his wife a bouquet packed with thirty red roses.

“Here you go babe,” said Golding who handed his wife the floral arrangement and pecked her on each cheek.

A smiling Mrs. Golding happily received her bouquet as she stunned in an elegant white, square neck, mini dress complete with red heels.

A subsequent post revealed that Golding’s gift to his wife of 30 red roses, signifies the number of years they have been together.

“To my dear wife. I love you soo much. 30 Roses for 30 years. Yours forever, Mark,” read the note atop of the flowers which were visible in a subsequent post.

The cute couple later were spotted, fully clad in their masks, out at the art walk in downtown Kingston, next door to Golding’s constituency.

The duo was seen taking in the sights of the street art, while jamming to music audible in the streets.