Marketing specialist Ashley Phillips talks zeal for business

Ashley Philips, owner of Bijou Media

Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Phillips is on a mission as a marketing specialist operating as CEO of Bijou Media-her marketing company.

She started Bijou Media on a leap of faith in 2018 with one goal; to show business owners that they can be premium.

“They don’t have to be basic anymore-they can elevate, enhance and execute every plan that they set out to do. That with every concrete strategy-they can do everything they put their minds to,” she said.

This is a belief that Phillips not only shares with her clientele but one she practices in her personal life as well. At 17-years-old, she was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and started her first venture, Blossom Gardens- an agricultural company.

Owning businesses was something Phillips always knew she’d accomplish.

“My mom is an entrepreneur- so I grew up seeing all the aspects of entrepreneurship from as little as six years old. I had jobs and I worked for people, but I knew that was just not for me. I like to dictate my working hours and I like to see my clients happy at the end of service,” she told BUZZ in an exclusive interview.

A huge part of pleasing her clientele involves guiding them to see the “bigger picture”, Phillips said.

“I went on social media and realized small and medium-sized businesses were struggling…when people ask me to manage their social media, I say we don’t manage social media what we do is to manage your brand social media planning is just part of that bigger picture.”

The name Bijou means small, and that not only describes the size of her company but only alludes to the personalized service that Bijou Media can give its clientele simply because of its size.

Bijou Media hosted a brand strategy bootcamp

“I see that many workplaces do just enough that they can get the contract -they don’t spend enough time to get to know the clientele or the core issues affecting their businesses,” Phillips said.

She has held roles in marketing and management for six years before starting Bijou Media. But always aiming to upskill herself, she pursued short courses at the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) which she said provided her with “real life things”.

The marketing specialist spoke highly of courses she did at the BIMAP.

“I think most of my education and what I do today, came from the BIMAP courses that I did. I found that I did real-life things as opposed to school where we just do an exam.”

Phillips guiding participants at Bijou Media’s Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Not one to allow the stresses of life to get to her, she shared that Bijou Media launched a Brand Strategy Bootcamp despite the pandemic to educate businesses on the intricacies of planning before launching on social media platforms.

And as for Blossom Gardens-the green thumb said –“We want people to be more sustainable and to grow their herbs and spices. When you grow something, you feel better you can get your scissors and cut your herbs-you are making one investment in yourself.”